Smart Building Technology

Optimise the performance of your commercial project with smart building controls.

According to the UK Green Building Council, an estimated 40% of the UK’s carbon footprint is attributed to the built environment, half of which comes from the energy used in buildings, with heating alone creating 10%.

With regulations, construction conflicts, and building certification targets such as BREEAM, NABERS UK and WELL, being but to name a few of the challenges faced when developing, it can be hard to find the time to understand what technology is worth investing in to keep up with the ever-changing desire of occupants.

Here at Intecho, we understand how paramount it is for you to deliver your commercial project on time, to budget and to plan, whilst also ensuring those all-important safety and sustainability measures are in place.

What can Intecho do to support your next project?

We collaborate at the planning stages of a project to recommend the best way to enhance your overall design and building performance with smart technology.

Our team of smart building specialists collaborate with you and other onsite professionals to ensure we seamlessly integrate controls for HVAC, security, safety, lighting and more, all of which can be easily monitored and controlled from one central point, helping you improve the overall functionality of  the building, operate more efficiently and achieve those all important sustainability targets.

And because we’re up-to-date with the latest trends, you can be confident that your project will have the most efficient and effective solutions integrated.


Smart HVAC Control

Studies show that up to 60% of energy consumption in buildings is consumed by outdated HVAC equipment, which is why many are now adopting ways to optimise heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

By integrating smart HVAC technology, you can optimise the temperature of the internal environment per room based on occupancy, helping to not only improve the internal conditions, but also reduce energy costs. With capabilities for timed operation modes, weather dependent control, valve drive control, fan coil control, CO2 and humidity measuring, a smart HVAC system will provide occupants with maximum comfort and create a healthier building thanks to indoor air quality.

Lighting Control 

Control the lighting in your building, no matter how complex, with the simple touch of a device. Our integration capabilities enable us to create a control system that can help to improve the daily operations by automating the lighting. Automatic occupancy detection for example, means there are no lights being used in areas that are unoccupied which is great for efficiency. With timed control and dimming, you can also ensure that lighting is at the perfect ambiance based on day time availability to create the ideal internal environment for occupants.

Blind Control 

We’ve all been there. One moment, the weather shows no sign of sunlight, then all of a sudden bright rays are piercing through the windows meaning you’re unable to focus on your screen, presentation or meeting. Smart blind control detects sun and thanks to the interaction capabilities with lighting and HVAC, your blinds, lights and temperature can all automatically adjust, weather depending.

With a smart building control, you’ll also have the power at your finger tips to manually adjust blinds should you need, giving you total control over the comfort of the internal environment.

Security & Safety

Security and safety are paramount in any building, and with smart technology integration, occupants can monitor key safety elements as well as receive alerts should there be an issue. Smoke and fire detection, as well as intrusion detection will provide peace of mind to those in the building which in turn improves their experience in the workplace.

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We’ve supported a variety of commercial projects, from state-of-the-art office spaces such as St Peter’s Square in Manchester, shopping destinations such as St James Quarter in Edinburgh and distribution centres such as Hermes (now Evri), through to globally recognised Head Quarters such as Nato HQ in Brussels.

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