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Smart technology for a smarter, safer home.

If you’re looking to open up a whole new world of modern living, then a smart home is your solution.

Enjoy additional safety, efficiency and convenience with smart technology tailored to your lifestyle. Our team of experts will integrate powerful performance into one platform that is accessible both locally and remotely, allowing you to customise your experience at home. 

With the touch of a button, you can automate your lighting, temperature, shading, security and audio systems. Arrive home from a busy day at work to the lights set at the perfect ambiance, optimised temperature room depending, shades drawn and your favourite soundtrack playing in the background. Whether it’s a cosy night in with the family, or a dinner party with friends, smart technology allows you to set the scene perfectly every time.

We'll deliver a seamless home life experience.

We picked Intecho for our home as they have the team size, expertise and determination to implement the best system possible. The end result is a fully automated house that can be controlled anywhere in the world. That includes hundreds of lights, more than 100 speakers, 10 TVs, 16 CCTV cameras, security systems, gates, full Dolby Atmos home cinema, air conditioning and heating controls. 5 star!”

Jonathan | Private Client

Great outfit, delighted. One of the best things I did… Very relieved.

Key takeaways –

  1. It works seamlessly!
  2. So glad I did it, I’ d regret it now if I hadn’t
  3. I trusted them and was right to

It really brings the house together. A big project and this a small part in comparison but one of the most important.

Ben | Private Client
Intecho did an excellent job providing us with all of the technology to run our house as well as a cinema. They delivered on time and to budget and were always available for project meetings and general questions. Would definitely recommend them.
Sam | Private Client

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