What is NABERS UK? And can smart technology really help you achieve a great rating?

What is NABERS UK? And can smart technology really help you achieve a great rating?

NABERS UK measures and rates the energy use of offices to help building owners accurately track and communicate the energy performance, as well as help to identify areas for savings and improvement.

NABERS UK offers two products: Energy for Offices measures the efficiency of an office building and rates its performance; while Design for Performance is the process whereby a developer or owner commits to design, build, and commission a new office development or major refurbishment to achieve a specific NABERS rating. Both products are designed to help improve the efficiency of office buildings, but Design for Performance goes one step further by ensuring that new developments are built to meet a high standard of energy efficiency from the outset.

Now trusted and supported by a number of industry-leaders, such as Arup, Buro Happold, and Hoare Lea, it is clear to see why a NABERS energy rating of four to six stars is becoming so desirable, not only contributing to huge cost-saving benefits, but also resulting in longer leases and higher valuations.

It is estimated that an average of $280,000 (Australian market) can be saved per annum if an office building improves its NABERS energy rating, with an average of 30 to 40% being saved on energy bills over the course of 10 years.

Ultimately, a good NABERS UK energy rating will play an important role in helping building owners and operators save money, reduce environmental impact and contribute to the UK’s net-zero target.

BRE’s Head of Building Performance services Dr Shamir Ghumra said:

“Having a building that has a lower environmental impact and lower running costs and being able to communicate that with confidence and simplicity is going to stand building owners in good stead over the long-term – and the NABERS UK Energy for Offices scheme will help them facilitate this. Ensuring our buildings and infrastructure are equipped to play a part in the global fight against climate change is crucial, and I’m looking forward to collaborating with NABERS to help drive this forward.”


What does the NABERS UK rating system look like?

» 1 star  – Poor
» 2 stars – Below average
» 3 stars – Average
» 4 stars – Good
» 5 stars – Excellent
» 6 stars – Market leading

Building owners should be looking to achieve between 4 to 6 stars to achieve higher cost-savings and efficiency standards.

How do you get a NABERS UK rating?

To learn your NABERS rating, your office will need to be analysed by an accredited NABERS Assessor, who will charge their own independent fee based on the complexity of the building and hours spent assessing. NABERS UK also has a set fee, regardless of the size of your building, which will also need to be considered.

In short, building owners will pay a NABERS UK fee + NABERS Assessor fee in order to be analysed for a rating, which if received, will be valid for 12 months.

How can smart technology help you achieve a great NABERS UK rating?

Smart technology is revolutionising many aspects of life and society and the workplace is no exception.

By deploying smart technology, businesses can not only create efficient and productive working environments, but also achieve a fantastic and worthwhile NABERS UK rating.

Advanced smart technology options open the door for a variety of possibilities, from automated lights to sensors that detect when meeting rooms are in use. Smart lighting systems and window shades can be controlled with smart devices and programmed to adjust depending on the environment; likewise, smart temperature control systems can learn individual user preferences, adapting to the natural climate within each room. Utilising smart sensors that detect occupancy across workspaces can help streamline operations as well as reduce wasted energy through incorrect settings or overuse of heating or air conditioning. Similar to the ratings we are all familiar with on white goods , a good 4 star rating upwards can be a significant market advantage for the developer or owner as the increasingly savvy prospective tenants are looking for best practice and value.

Ultimately, for those who are looking to deliver a sustainable, optimised, and convenient internal working environment, while improving productivity, smart technology is an invaluable asset for any business looking to achieve a NABERS UK rating.

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