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Helping you seamlessly operate your venue and create a memorable guest experience, our advanced capabilities in smart technology integration will bring your brand vision to life.

With smart technology, you can give your team complete control of the internal environment in your restaurant with ease. Whether that means setting up a schedule based on daytime availability or cooling certain areas during busy hours – the ability to control lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation, and blinds gives restaurant operators more power and efficiency when managing their space. Plus, with fewer time-consuming adjustments, automation allows your team to focus on what matters most: providing customers with excellent service.

Lighting Control

Designed in such a way that the aesthetics of your building are enhanced, as well as being energy efficient and intuitively functional for guests and staff alike, our team of smart technology specialists can provide your project with an advanced lighting solution. Easily controlled with the touch of a device, our integration capabilities will deliver an energy efficient way to control lighting based on occupancy and daytime availability, whilst also ensuring you leave your guests with a lasting impression.

Discover how we did this for Mayfair’s elite private club, Annabel’s.

HVAC Control

Many studies show that up to 60% of energy consumption in buildings is consumed by HVAC equipment, which is why many are adopting ways to optimise heating, ventilation and air conditioning. By integrating smart HVAC technology to your project, you can control the temperature of the internal environment per room based on occupancy with the touch of a device, helping you to not only improve the internal conditions, but also reduce running costs.

Security & Safety

Security and safety is paramount in any building, and with smart technology integration, occupants are able to monitor key safety elements as well as receive alerts should there be an issue. Smoke and fire detection, as well as intrusion detection will provide peace of mind to those in the building which in turn improves their experience at work.

Don't just take our word for it...

We’ve supported an array of high-end restaurants, bars and leisure venues throughout the UK, including Motel One, The Ivy Asia, Sexy Fish and Annabel’s. Just click the link to discover our portfolio.