How will Intecho deliver your commercial project?

How will Intecho deliver your commercial project?


At the planning stage of any project, early engagement is key. It is essential to understand your desired objectives, timelines, and budget to guide decision-making and maximise efficiency. With these fundamentals in place, recommendations are much easier to make. For example, if you’re looking to reduce energy consumption, hit sustainability targets, or optimise daily operations, we can further understand what we can do to support you in achieving your goals.

Our team of experts can also help you uncover potential risks, provide detailed analysis of opportunities, offer guidance on how best to integrate with existing products and solutions and suggest new ideas which could make the project more efficient or cost-effective. With a comprehensive consultation at the planning stage of your commercial project, we will be well positioned to leverage the best solutions to help ensure you get the maximum return on your investment.


Following your consultation, our team will create an in-depth design and quotation detailing how we intend to approach your project and commission it. This includes a comprehensive layout detailing systems, products, and finishes, plus a timeline for each stage of the project as well as an itemised breakdown.


By coordinating with other onsite professionals, we determine planning and workflow to make sure that each component of the project is executed in accordance with build schedules. On completion of our installation, our Project Manager will test and commission your system to ensure everything operates seamlessly, then commence the handover procedure to ensure efficiency is maximised.

We also provide specific user training to the FM team, including useful tips on how to make sure everything is functioning optimally. As well as this, we provide additional resources such as how-to guides and video tutorials which can be accessed any time. With always accessible support and guidance from us, you’ll have everything you need to reach your efficiency goals with ease.


Support doesn’t just stop when your system has been installed – we can extend our support over the life time of your system to give you added peace of mind.

Our after-care services include ongoing technical support to ensure your system continues to operate optimally, and with preventative maintenance, we can spot potential issue before they become issues. With data analysis – ongoing adjustments and improvements to efficiency can also be delivered and our experienced team are available to provide prompt support should any issues arise. In addition, we can also perform predictive and  preventative maintenance services.

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