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Discover how smart technology can help to enhance internal working environments and improve productivity.

With the ever-changing desire for flexible working spaces, developers are now factoring in key things occupiers look for in a workplace. Attracting and retaining talent, sustainability and providing an experience, and not just somewhere to work, is high on the priority list.

When it comes to office design, there is one key element that is often overlooked – the role of technology. Smart buildings can save energy, improve productivity and make spaces more comfortable for occupiers. They also represent a key part of the future of workspaces, helping us to create more collaborative, sustainable and productive environments for everyone.

Why Intecho

Intecho is a dedicated team of consultants, designers, and engineers. Together, we collaborate with architects, developers, M&E consultants, and private clients at the planning stage to recommend the best way to enhance your overall design and building performance with smart technology – ensuring we balance beauty with practicality. 

And because we’re up-to-date with the latest trends, you can be confident that your project will have the most efficient and effective smart technology solutions, adding real value and future-proofing your office space.

Enhance the internal environment

By integrating smart technology, occupiers can benefit from internal environments that have been optimised to suit external factors such as the weather. This not only increases efficiency, but also provides comfort and convenience which in turn, can improve productivity. For example, by installing an automated lighting and blind control system, lights and blinds will adapt accordingly based on daytime availability, saving energy and money.

Optimising the internal environment can also help to contribute to achieving building standards such as WELL, NABERS UK and BREEAM.

Optimise daily operations

Integrating smart technology will support your building’s daily operations, freeing up occupants’ valuable time by automating tasks, or alternatively giving people the option to manually adapt key elements of the building such as heating, cooling, lighting, and audio from the touch of a device.

Reduce energy consumption

The use of automated functions already save energy in every installation and by extending smart controls to more internal functions, such as heating and cooling, greater savings can be made.

Smart technology can also help you achieve a BREEAM very good rating.

Achieving a good BREEAM rating is something that is becoming increasingly important for building owners and developers, as well as occupiers. But what does smart technology have to do with all of this?

Smart technology can play a big role in making buildings more sustainable and energy efficient. But it’s not just about installing solar panels or motion sensors; it’s about integrating technology into the fabric of the building so that it can be used to its full potential whilst helping to reduce energy consumption in a number of ways. For example, by using smart thermostats and lighting controls, occupancy sensors and automatic blinds, buildings can reduce their energy consumption by up to 30%, which in turn, supports BREEAM efforts.

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By automating tasks and freeing up valuable time, smart technology makes life more convenient and also helps to transform your office space into a highly-efficient, sustainable and desirable environment.

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