Apollo’s Muse

Apollo’s Muse, Mayfair

Hidden within Bacchanalia, the Apollo’s Muse members’ club is the definition of ‘more is more’ design, with a decadent display of floor-to-ceiling marble and ancient Greek and Roman artwork and sculptures.

Conceived by Richard Caring, the remarkable Greco-Italian venue maintains the same level of sophistication as seen in the artistic contributions of Martin Brudnizki and Damien Hirst in Bacchanalia. Competing with some of the world’s most prestigious museums and galleries, visitors can admire an array of priceless ancient artifacts, including a Roman marble Venus (dating back to the 1st/2nd century AD), a Greek funerary Lekythos (from around the 4th century AD), and, of course, the club’s namesake: Apollo’s Muse (2nd century AD). The room’s opulent grandeur is further enhanced by mirrored tables, plush velvet bar stools, and custom-made Murano wine glasses.

With such a unique and stunning interior, lighting to enhance and highlight the priceless artifacts and stunning interior was key. Our task was to design and deliver a discrete but extensive lighting control system that transitions throughout the day to late evening, highlighting the intricacies of this venue’s amazing interior design.

This project is a superb example of our innovative technology and how smart automation is the future of lighting.

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