Utilising KNX, DALI, WAGO and Control4 Makes Our Solutions Effective and Future-proofed.


It is Intecho’s ability to link smart systems together that really sets us apart.

There are other companies out there who will specialise in Audio Visual solutions, others with security, and others with the high street standard of smart technology, like the Amazon Alexa and Phillips Hue.

Whereas, what we do, we believe we standalone.

Whether it is highly configurable, complex lighting control systems that are made simple and intuitive by our intelligent system designs, CEDIA award nominated home cinemas, industry leading security systems, or a myriad of other functions, we pride ourselves in integrating it all together, into one seamless smart system.

Intecho were awarded KNX Commercial Installer of the Year in 2019 for our installation on the Defence National Rehabilitation Centre; and you can be assured that each of our projects receives the same level of attention to details and creativity to deliver an exceptional result.

Intecho have developed significant knowledge and expertise using DALI protocol.

Lighting control with DALI (Digitally Addressable Lighting Interface) is a communication protocol for building lighting applications, and is used for communication between devices such as electronic ballasts, brightness sensors and motion detectors.

DALI is not only easy to install but also extremely cost effective and flexible once installed, saving time and resources.

  • Easy reconfiguration when changing usage
  • Unprecedented testing coverage and security
  • Yield cost savings on labour and cabling
  • Eliminate the normal risks and inconvenience associated with testing an occupied building

Intecho are the leading independent award winning KNX system integrators in the UK.

KNX is the global standard for building automation and this first to be approved as a European (EN 50090- EN 13321-1) and a worldwide (ISO/IEC 14543) standard.

  • KNX is open protocol and royalty free, allowing for total freedom to use a variety of products and communication methods in all installations
  • Intecho can select from over 10,000 KNX products from over 150 manufacturers, all guaranteed to be interoperable and work with each other when designing your systems
  • Your Intecho KNX system can reduce building’s energy consumption by 30% – 50% without compromising performance.

Intecho are a Control4 authorised Gold dealer.

Through the application of Control4, we develop responsive energy systems, state of the art audio-visual solutions, and sophisticated security networks, that all work seamlessly together.

Control4 has been adopted by commercial and residential property owners across the world. It offers the ability to easily control and automate a building’s energy, security, music and video supplies through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, which has made it incredibly popular with clients.

Intecho are recognised as one of the UK’s leading WAGO specialists.

WAGO Lighting Management is the refined solution for lighting control in large commercial spaces such as production and logistics facilities. Using a combination of predefined hardware and user-friendly software, WAGO offers a lighting management system that facilitates design and commissioning of new lighting systems.

Our unique experience and capability is as a true systems integrator; able to connect all of a smart buildings technologies into one seamless smart system.