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We live in world where change comes fast and often, though the benefits greatly outweigh the downsides.

Our smart home automation systems are a testament to the increasingly fast changing pace of technology and the benefits it can bring to high specification properties. Our KNX based home control systems provide fantastic intuitive design that allows your home and its technology to work in a holistic way that benefits you in terms of comfort, security and finance. In fact, each of your home’s requirements can be met with the single press of a touchscreen. As installers, we understand the need to be able to deliver not only top quality performance but to be able to blend our products into the surroundings. We work closely with our client whether you’re a homeowner, architects or commercial businesses, our services will exceed your expectations.

Building management and home control systems tie all of your systems together to amazing effect. With this technology it’s now possible to connect your heating system to your blinds and easily program it in a way that closes them when the heating comes on. Or, how about connecting your security system to your smart lighting, or your AC system to your windows? How about connecting your audio visual system with your lighting to create that cinema like feel? Anything’s possible. We work and design your house automation systems to tie them together for greater efficiency, comfort and security.

We feel that the measure of great technology is one that provides the benefits without even seeming like it’s there. Our KNX technology does just that, meaning our home control systems respond at the single touch of a button – it’s completely simple and intuitive by design.


Yes, there are other technologies out there. However, KNX technology is the worldwide standard for open, royalty free building control and the first to be approved as a European (EN 50090 – EN 13321-1) and a Worldwide standard (ISO/IEC 14543) so why use anything else. Intecho is Britain’s leading specialist in the KNX building management system within the residential sector and acknowledged as a market leader within the commercial and leisure sectors.

At Intecho we’ve used this technology time and time again and have tested it and witnessed fantastic tried and tested results.  As one of the leading companies in KNX home automation and building automation systems in the UK we’ve taken numerous spectacular projects from concept to commissioning and your home could be next.

We’ve fully embraced home automation and the amazing things the KNX standard can do for home control systems – why don’t you experience it too!