Residential Project – Nottinghamshire

private residence, nottinhamshire

Discover how we delivered our client’s smart home…

Our client’s stunning new residence in Nottinghamshire is quite the head turner. Featuring a grand entrance, this exquisite property is located over three floors and includes an innovative smart home automation solution.

What is a smart home automation solution?

Smart home automation solutions have been growing increasingly popular over the years as they offer homeowners a way to simplify their lives while providing greater control over their living space.

Automation solutions can enable users to customise time settings for different functions to create schedules that work better with lifestyle habits. Not only do they provide convenience with features such as voice commands, but smart lighting systems can also enhance efficiency by analysing their environment and adjusting lighting levels accordingly. Additionally, these systems also come with security features such as door locks that allow users to conveniently monitor who enters their home remotely. All these possible benefits make smart home automation solutions an attractive option for many people who want to optimise their homes for safety, efficiency and comfort.

How we delivered this project...

We began with a consultation to identify their needs and preferences, which would enable us to deliver efficiency and control as well as peace of mind from the security standpoint. Through careful collaboration with the Architect and Project Manager, our team of specialists integrated smart lighting, audio-visual systems, responsive shutter controls, advanced security features, and remote operated CCTV cameras―all of which could be managed easily through simple touch-screen devices from anywhere in the world.

What did our client say

“We picked them for our home as they have the team size (not a one-man-band), expertise and determination to implement the best system possible. The end result is a fully automated house that can be controlled anywhere in the world. That includes hundreds of lights, more than 100 speakers, 10 TV’s, 16 CCTV cameras, security systems, gates, full Dolby Atmos home cinema, Control4 interface via phones and touch screens, air conditioning and heating controls. 5 stars!”