What office occupiers want in 2023

As the competition for talent increases, many employees are now in search of office spaces that deliver much more than just a desk.

According to the latest global survey conducted by Equiem, hybrid employees will only return to office spaces for wellness, amenities, and community.

Back in the day, it was practically unheard of for employees to demand more from their office. Now, people are asking what their workplace can do to add value and depth to their day. In short, if building owners want to increase the desirability of their office space and improve occupier retention, they must adapt.

To attract healthy attendance, office buildings must foster an environment that feels exciting and entertaining.

With the emergence of accreditation systems like NABERS UK and WELL, building owners can now demonstrate that they are creating well-rounded workplaces that prove their commitment to creating healthier and happier environments.

By focusing on everything from air quality, lighting, and interior design, to occupant engagement and wellness, such certifications provide an extra layer of assurance for potential candidates, who can now easily differentiate between those companies that truly value and build an atmosphere of well-being, versus those just claiming to.

Employees care about the planet… but nearly 40% are not aware of their office’s sustainability strategy, projects, or initiatives.

The vast majority of survey respondents believe that building owners should contribute to sustainability in two ways: reducing their carbon footprint and implementing practices, policies and procedures.

However, nearly 40% are unaware of their workplace’s mission to tackle climate change.

Employees want building owners to communicate their sustainability initiatives and even better? Explain how they can participate in this mission.

So, what does this mean for building owners?

Gabrielle McMillan, CEO and Co-Founder of Equiem said:

“After two years of radical change, hybrid work has become the norm. And now that there is a choice for workers, they’ve decided what it will take for them to spend more time in the office. Community, collaboration, and amenity. It’s that simple. Workers love hybrid, but they are feeling the sting of isolation. And they see their workplace as a place that can fulfill their need for social interaction and improvements to their lifestyle.”

Intecho can help you achieve the workplace experience that occupiers desire.

One of the major contributing factors to a positive workplace experience is the internal environment and smart technology plays a big role in this.

As integration specialists, we collaborate at the planning stage to determine your objectives and recommend the best smart technology solutions that will enhance the overall building performance and design, as well as help you to create a workplace people want to be in.

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