How can smart technology improve property safety and security?

Security camera

Smart security can help to protect both residential and commercial property with intelligent security devices, online access to monitor and control your smart security system, and notifications sent to emergency services and/or yourself when an incident is detected.

Implementing smart security in commercial buildings can greatly enhance the safety of employees and visitors, as well as reduce business risks. Smart security systems such as surveillance cameras, access control, and intrusion detection, can help detect and deter criminal activity, monitor building access and provide real-time alerts to security personnel.

The use of advanced analytics and machine learning can improve the ability to detect and respond to potential security threats, reducing the likelihood of security breaches and other risks.

Intecho’s smart security services include design and installation of smart security systems and building management system (BMS) security systems for business premises.

With experts involved from the design phase, you can be confident of receiving cutting-edge technology that’s right for your premises, along with modern, intuitive control dashboards and smartphone remote control apps.

Securing residential and commercial properties

All types of property can be protected using smart security technologies. For example, this could include:

  • Burglar alarms and smoke alarms for domestic properties
  • Access control and fire detection systems for businesses
  • Control apps/dashboards and notifications for all users

While the specific demands of different properties may vary, the core features of smart technology (e.g. automation, efficiency, convenience and control) mean there are compelling benefits for domestic and commercial customers alike.

This also extends to landlords where there may be additional obligations to protect the safety and security of occupants.

Identifying existing security vulnerabilities

Intecho can audit your premises to identify existing security vulnerabilities and ones you may not have considered.. Often this is easier to do ‘from a distance’ rather than trying to spot problem areas in your own property, which you use without difficulty every day.

Common vulnerabilities range from the basic through to more advanced risks that only smart security devices can mitigate:

  • Access control vulnerabilities and outdated systems
  • Alarm zones not correctly configured
  • Arson risks especially around waste materials
  • CCTV blind spots and unsecured doors/windows
  • Lack of notifications in case of an incident
  • Lack of remote access to monitor video security
  • Lack of response due to too many false alarms

Our smart security consultants will identify any problem areas, before putting together a recommendation of smart security devices to be installed in order to comprehensively solve these weaknesses.

How smart technology helps fix these security issues

With smart technology, you know that your premises are monitored and protected at all times, and if appropriate you can check your video security footage online from anywhere.

Cloud-enabled cameras mean footage is stored off-site, making it impossible for intruders to ‘wipe the tapes’ on their way out of the building.

Fire detection systems are particularly sophisticated, able to raise the alarm earlier than ever by detecting the first increases in ambient air temperature.

Integrating smart technology with existing security systems

Most smart tech can be integrated with existing legacy systems, even if your current equipment is not ‘smart’. This can include retrofitting surveillance systems to support IP networks, adding cloud support to digital video recorders, and BMS security systems with remote online management.

In some cases it may be necessary (or more cost-effective) to replace legacy systems with a newer, smarter equivalent.

You can trust Intecho’s smart tech experts to tell you when this is the case, so you get maximum ROI for your investment into smart security.