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Dali Lighting

Gone are the days of the ‘big light’ and smaller lamps around a room, or the harsh glare of strip lighting in commercial spaces. Lighting is as much a part of design as floor coverings, audio visual system or a kitchen. Lighting can transform a space.

DALI lighting (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) brings an almost limitless array of lighting configuration to your fingertips. Adjust a single light, 200 metres away, or all of the lights in a large space, DALI systems make it simple and infinitely configurable.

Creative and with unparalleled experience and technical capability, Intecho can help you get the most out of the DALI standard. And the DALI protocol is open source, future proofing you from a change of supplier or components.

We ensure that all of our products are compliant with the DALI standard, and our team of experts will complete your install with minimum disruption and the skills and service standards that leave us peerless in our field.

Striving for innovation and quality in our installations, we work hard so you don’t have to.