The ultimate goal of technology is to improve the quality of our lives. It should seek to make everyday tasks easier, reduce the time we spend on unnecessary activities, and allow us to feel more safe and secure throughout the day. Smart home technology is the perfect example of this with Control4 lighting and KNX home automation systems designed to streamline a myriad of things around the house. However, smart home technology can do much more than this; it can also improve our general health as well.

There is a close relationship between health and sleep. Both physical and mental well-being are greatly improved by a comfortable night’s sleep. However, this could be interrupted by the temperature or humidity. A KNX home automation system has the ability to autonomously manage temperature based on time, light and much more. Meanwhile, a range of devices can monitor air humidity and adjust them when necessary. It ensures your bedroom remains a serene environment so you can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

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Smart home technology can even help people avoid minor injuries around the house. Many people, for instance, put themselves in danger by getting up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. Elderly people, in particular, are at risk of suffering debilitating lower back pain via trips and slips if they have to stumble around in either the dark or a blinding 100 per cent light. However, a smart lighting system like Control4 can be programmed to provide gradual, low light based on motion during the early hours of the morning. This will help avoid everything from minor toe stubbing to serious falling.

Even the most basic and ubiquitous smart technology has the ability to improve health. Cooking, for example, is normally a very messy task. When you are handling raw meat, you need to be aware of where you are putting your hands or you could be spreading harmful bacteria across surfaces, appliances and devices. The likelihood of this increases substantially if you are fumbling around on your smartphone or tablet to read recipes. The next time you pick it up, you could be putting yourself at risk of consuming something that will make you seriously unwell. With voice-controlled assistants, on the other hand, you limit the risk of this. They can read recipes to you so you are focused on maintaining a clean, hygienic cooking environment.

From cleanliness to safety, there are numerous ways that smart home technology can make small but important improvements. To discuss fitting your own home with smart technology, contact Intecho for installation quotes. Feel free to email us using this contact us form, email us at or call us for a chat on 01565 750 632.