Home automation is a great investment for the present. However, installing home automation is more than just beneficial to you now; it can also be beneficial to you in the future. Home automation, after all, has the ability to increase your home’s curb appeal and resell value. It is an attractive feature that will make your property standout for many prospective homeowners and it will boost its value on the market considerably.

There are many things that people review when they are buying a home and one of the most important is safety. The safety of a home is one of the key factors determining its value. That’s why the neighbourhood, location and structure of a property all effect value; they are closely linked to the security of your home. When house-hunters consider your property, its security will be one of the first things they factor into their decision. Therefore, one cannot overstate the value that a home automation system can have as it provides myriad security benefits especially if you are constantly travelling and need to keep track of property. Among them are the ability to turn on your lights when there has been a security breach on your property, connect to an audio device that plays a warning message, and enable you to lock your doors or windows remotely.

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A study several years ago found that making energy-saving improvements has a large impact on the value of your property. In fact, you can resell your home for more than 15% of the normal amount by doing this. In certain parts of the country, the value can actually rocket by up to 30%. Therefore, a home automation system is worth investing in for this reason alone. Home automation is, of course, one of the best ways to save energy at home. By giving you greater control over the way energy is used, and with some technologies allowing your home to learn behaviour and streamline use, it can slash your household bills enormously.

And then there is the most basic reason why home automation can improve property value: it’s simply really cool. Before anything else – security, land, neighbourhood, school catchment, etc. – the style of a property is the thing that first catches a prospective homeowner’s eyes. An unattractive property will not sell no matter how many positive factors it has; an attractive one combined with positive factors will fly off the market at a good price. Given that many of the people buying homes in the next few years will be technology-minded millennials, a home automation system will be very appealing to them. It achieves the home of the future and they can experience it now – there’s no need to invest in one themselves years down the line.

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