It is important that homeowners remain eco-conscious. There is not only a humanitarian responsibility to protect the environment by conserving its resources; there is also a personal benefit in doing this because it can save homeowners a great deal of money. However, controlling the use of resources around the home is time consuming; it can be a daunting task to constantly monitor how much gas and electricity is being consumed. This is one of the reasons why a KNX home automation system is so valuable if you are an environmentally conscious homeowner. Their technology allows you to conserve energy with minimal effort on your part. Some studies demonstrate that you can enjoy up to a 40% to 60% reduction in your overall energy use with a home automation system such as the one from KNX.

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KNX home automation systems allow various appliances within a home to communicate with one another. Sensors, dimmers, valves; they can all exchange information that makes the running of your home more intuitive. In doing this, your home becomes more energy efficient because energy is not wasted. For instance, instead of pumping your home with heat when you are out at work on a cold day so that you arrive to a warm house, a KNX home automation system can learn to provide heat at only the optimal times for your comfort. It can communicate with other appliances to know when you are back home, what rooms are and are not in use, etc.

KNX home automation systems are manageable through an electronic device such as a tablet. Having everything controllable via on device makes running a home far easier than it would normally. Consequently, ensuring you are environmentally sensible as a homeowner is a breeze with a KNX system. For instance, it would normally be a time-consuming task to check every electronic device is switched off before you retire to bed at night. You may, furthermore, accidentally leave one running that unnecessarily consumes energy, resulting in a higher bill for you and contributing to a waste of valuable resources. With a KNX home automation system that can be managed through your device, it is delightfully simple to turn off all your electronics at once. You can switch off lights in every room, for instance, and see where energy is being consumed. That is not to mention how, because you can control it anywhere in the world, you can turn electronics or lighting on and off remotely if, for instance, you have kept an appliance running by mistake once you have left for work.

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