We live in an age where innovative technology is more important than ever before. Many people feel like they cannot function unless they have some sort of technological apparatus in place, and this extends to the home, which is why we are pondering here what the future holds for home automation.

To begin with, you have to believe that the smart technology used within home automation software will continue to increase its prevalence amongst people around the country. Ten years ago, the concept of a mobile phone with a touch-screen, a music player, a fully-functioning internet browser and more options seemed like a novelty reserved only for the most privileged people. Five years ago, the idea of such products as Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant seemed truly bizarre. Yet, in 2018, these are just some of the many technological tools that a large percentage of the population rely upon each day. As technology continues to be developed and new methods of service processing are trialled, this is bound to continue such a progression.

With regards to home automation in particular, security is going to become an even larger priority than it already is. As we hear more and more about the likes of cyber-attacks and threats from abroad, this will have people on alert at all times, and it extends to the home, where a house that boasts all of these wonderfully useful items will become a greater target for burglars, especially during holiday times. At the moment, old-school homeowners are sticking to the more traditional, less advanced ways of keeping their homes safe, but this is proving more and more to be a risky and even futile exercise. As security threats on all levels continue to increase, this can only influence homeowners to abandon methods of the past and head towards the future by using home automation to look after their possessions and themselves.

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Lastly, home automation is already extremely advanced, with the ability to control locks, temperature, energy, electricity and more, along with smaller yet equally valuable processes such as switching over television channels and answering your phone. That is the state of play in 2018, and we have already come so far, but can you imagine the innovations that could be crafted in the years to come? We sometimes joke about the tasks that young people refuse to do manually because they have smart technology to do it for them, but this is only going to increase.

Some of the jobs that home automation may carry out in the early 2020s will probably seem mind-blowing if examined today. But as technology evolves, so do our daily routines and, consequently, our mind-sets. We can sometimes resist change, but ultimately we adapt and our lifestyles alter as a result. That has already happened with home automation up until this point; it is only going to increase in the future, and it is pretty exciting to consider how home automation will evolve in the years to come, considering what we have already achieved as of this present moment.

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