Intecho’s automation skills have been used by many homes throughout the United Kingdom, but the technology has also become very popular amongst commercial businesses. And why wouldn’t this be the case? There are plenty of benefits for organisations large and small, and here we’ll discuss why building automation is particularly useful for high-end restaurants and hotels.

For starters, Intecho adds to the prestige of a venue, because customers will be able to recognise that one technologically-advanced nerve centre is controlling the electricity, energy, efficiency and so on of a large venue. When you walk into a building and you immediately see a striking piece of equipment with, say, the weather and time or the room temperature or even directions of where to go, it makes you think “Wow! These guys must be pretty special to have technology like that in place.”

Intecho are specialists in KNX, Dali and Control4 automation systems. Most of our projects are implemented using KNX as its open source and is supported by over 400 manufacturers. The KNX hardware adds class, dignity and respect to the surrounding business, a great benefit for the likes of restaurants and hotels which are hoping to attract those with the most wealth themselves.

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Next, restaurants and hotels have a large number of staff, and as you can imagine, not everybody will be able to complete all of the daily tasks involved. So, it’s vital that something is in place which reduces the workload of the workforce somewhat, whilst at the same time not taking anything away from the services that they do provide. Hospitality automation is very important in this regard, because it carries out many of the crucial yet simple, time-consuming duties for the venue, allowing the rest of the team to focus on doing what they do best. In other words, time is freed up for the staff, which should result in more and better work being carried out for customers.

Lastly, commercial building automation really does represent the future of smart technology in the workplace, and while the mind immediately jumps to office blocks, it also applies to commercial sector industries like restaurants and hotels. Ergo, for those businesses to be seen as keeping up with current and upcoming technological trends, it’s key for them to get in on the action and to not only have smart automation in place but to have the best option available, which is what KNX systems provide. Not least because it controls the energy and efficiency of a room as well as providing 24-hour security, information for visitors and generally adding to the experience for all involved, from those visiting for the first time to corporate managers from overseas who come away feeling more positive about where they’ve just been and what they’ve just seen.

So, we really are the ideal automation experts you need to consider for your next high-end restaurants and hotels project who want to take a giant stride towards the future. Find out more on our commercial page at

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