Top 10 tips when selecting a smart home partner


  1. Check, double check and triple check the credentials of your potential partner – do your due diligence, leave no stone unturned.


  1. Seek out recommendations from their previous clients. Are they reluctant to offer you first-hand access? Are the ‘previous projects’ featured on their website actually theirs?


  1. Do they have business premises? Or are they run from home with little in the way of corporate governance, professional indemnities, etc?


  1. How long has the company been established?


  1. Do they offer maintenance contracts, and therefore underwrite the quality of their own workmanship?


  1. What is their financial stability? Do they want a percentage of the total project fees well in advance of the work commencing?


  1. Are they restricted to working with components from a single supplier, or tied to a particular ‘operating system’?


  1. Do they have any trade endorsements, certificates or qualifications to validate their workmanship?


  1. If they are willing to undercut competitive quotes, does this allude to an over-eagerness to secure business, belying wider issues?


  1. Know who you are dealing with – are the people that you’re talking to going to be accessible for the duration of the project?


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