Every business location will require first-class security measures to prevent the possibility of robberies, breakages etc. In the past, this has required the use of various manual measures, but nowadays there are alternative solutions. On that note, we highly recommend our smart automation technology which can prove to be the smart way to enhance your business security, as we will now explain.

First of all alarms are extremely important, as they can detect anyone who happens to be in the building beyond the office hours, or any smoky or cloudy elements in the air that are out of the ordinary. Traditional alarms can have a habit of breaking, though, and they are also rather expensive to install. They are an absolute necessity, though, which is why our smart technology comes to the rescue by providing alarms that are cheaper, more prevalent, smaller in size, even more effective due to enhanced capabilities, and because there is no requirement to replace batteries, they will never become dysfunctional.

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Secondly, there are access control options. These will determine who has access to which areas of the building, so for instance, a cleaner may have the opportunity to enter certain rooms after hours in order to tidy them for the next day. A regular employee, though, may only have limited access to their workspace and nowhere else, whilst a person off the street will not have access to the building out of hours whatsoever. The access control features collect data based on who is entering the building and when, and which rooms they are using, which can then highlight the rare issues where somebody has been caught in a place that they shouldn’t have been.

Finally, CCTV camera technology is an essential aspect of the smart software. Hidden cameras are the most effective way of capturing somebody illegally entering a business facility, but as with the alarms, they can also be costly to install and they can break after a while. However, and again in the same manner as the alarms, the CCTV camera software will be included as part of the smart tech in such a way that they are almost impossible to spot, but work extremely well at a low cost and with no limitations on their lifespan. They will also be clearer and more precise than the CCTV cameras of yesteryear due to the enhanced modern camera technology.

These are the main elements that justify why you should opt for the smart way to enhance your business security with the help of Intecho. Want to know more about how building automation can benefit your Business premise? Contact Intecho for advice or installation quotes. Feel free to email us using this contact us form, email us at info@intecho.co.uk or call us for a chat on 08450 948 489.