Say if you’re running a major hotel, and you’re thinking about adding smart automation technology using KNX or Control4, and you’re wondering what benefits it can bring as it pertains to online usage. Well, we’re here to explain some of those right now!

First things first, think about the general facts that people want to know on a daily basis. It could be the weather, the time, any traffic disruption in the area, any breaking news stories and so on. For the particularly large hotel chains with an international presence, it could be, for instance, that you want to highlight an article from The New York Times. Through online connectivity and the wealth of options available, Intecho’s technicians can provide these for customers and staff to see, ensuring that there is an ongoing hub alive within the hotel, which further enhances the value and status of the venue.

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Secondly, let’s ponder how this can benefit the guests. After all, it’s one thing for the staff and the management team to notice the benefits of automation, but it’s even better when the technology can leave a positive impression on those staying at the hotel. Some examples of this include 24-hour Wi-Fi connectivity; energy-saving settings which toggle the electricity, lighting and air conditioning settings based on the weather and time of day; and integration with a guest’s smart devices, such as a phone, an iPod and an iPad, which not only increases internet connection but opens the door to a multitude of secondary options and features. Guest can also request for additional supplies & toiletries. If it’s a pet friendly hotel you can install microchip flaps which can be automated to ensure no foreign pets enter your room. It will always be the room and the service from staff that guests most remember, but the smart automation technology acts as a wonderful, somewhat futuristic bonus!

Finally, if you’re not around on a particular day or for a particular week, KNX automation helps you to keep up on what is happening with the hotel. If it’s the summer and you want to make sure that the hotel is providing sufficient air conditioning for guests in your absence, you can access this via our automation systems. If you want to know how much electricity is being used during that period, again Intecho has you covered. If you want to ensure that your venue is receiving full security and reducing any possibility of robberies or threats to the workforce, once more Intecho holds all the answers. You can gain access to your own KNX hardware even when you’re not around in the building, so it’s a life-saver for times when you may be away at a meeting or even on holiday, and all of this is carried out via the internet. Online access goes a long way when it comes to smart automation, as we have highlighted here.

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