There are several disadvantages to the current way most people light their homes, most of which can be solved by installing a Control 4 home system. Both stylistically and practically, there are many reasons why normal lighting that is controlled by a switch in each room limits the potential of a home.

However, by allowing you to have greater control over the colour, mood and tone of your lighting, and by enabling you to manage these from one simple device, many of these issues can be fixed with Intecho smart systems.

One of the less frequently discussed benefits that a Control 4 home automation system can have is related to sleep. Here is why: Bright white and blue lights are the most common style of room lighting because they provide ample brightness. However, the sharp colours have a psychological impact on the body that prevents you from achieving a restful sleep.

They trick your brain into thinking it is daylight and your body does not receive the signals to tell you when you are tired or exhausted when it should. Ideally, these sharp white and blue lights should become duller over the course of an evening, turning into soft yellows so that this does not occur. Without home automation, this generally cannot be helped though.

Unless you want to sit in darkness for most of the evening, you are stuck with one level of brightness. And unless you’re inclined to change your bulbs on a daily basis, you are restricted to one colour scheme.

A Control 4 home automation system provides smart lighting capabilities that easily allow you to overcome this. With it, you can raise or lower the lighting levels in any room with a few simple gestures on your chosen device. Some homeowners may not even have to do this; if you use a product like Amazon’s Alexa you can achieve this by merely the sound of your own voice.

You can also programme colour changes at certain times or allow your smart lighting system to learn from your behaviour. All of this means you don’t have to sit in bright, white lights that affect your sleep patterns negatively. You can dull the brightness as the evening goes on and change the colour schemes as the time grows later. This will allow you to sleep better and benefit from all the advantages of a good night’s rest.

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