Most small businesses use up to 25,000 kWh of energy. This doubles to 50,000 for medium sized enterprises and can approach up to 100,000 for major corporations. Depending on your business size and the nature of your industry, this can range between £2500 and £8000 per year. Saving even a fraction of this cost can be significant for a business, and it is incredibly easy to achieve by investing in smart technology such as KNX.

A KNX system allows your appliances to communicate with one another via an internet connection. By communicating with one another and exchanging information, appliances can teach themselves to be less wasteful. For instance, heating systems can communicate with light sensors to identify when sunlight is naturally heating a room in an office. Therefore, they could produce less energy, cutting back on unnecessary heating costs. Furthermore, lighting systems can utilise smart technology to turn themselves off when rooms are not in use and turn on in sync with natural brightness.

Ultimately, smart technology helps small, medium and large business to stop wasting energy when it is being used unnecessarily. It streamlines your gas and electricity to be more efficient. The cuts that it makes may only seem minor – a few minutes of electricity here and half an hour of heat there. However, the cumulative effect of them over the course of a year can be enormous. It is estimated that they can slash the aforementioned costs by up to 50 per cent. For small business owners, this can be around £1000 per year – almost an entire month’s wage for one of your employees. For corporations, this can be as much as £4000 per year.

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Unfortunately, cost reductions do not occur over night. Smart technology is a long-term investment in which you need to spend money to save money. Not only does the technology itself need to be installed in your office; it may also require an update to your current appliances. Businesses that have been operating for over ten years may, in particular, find themselves reliant on old lighting fixtures, heaters and air conditioning units that are both inefficient and incompatible with smart technology. Fortunately, finance companies can now finance for improvement in both commercial and residential properties as they know the property is more desirable with these automation features.

Nevertheless, smart technology can benefit companies of all types – hotels, shops, restaurants and offices alike have all successfully implemented smart technology to assist in streamlining their business and save themselves a substantial amount of money. For more information on commercial automation, call Intecho on 01565 750 632 or email