If you are familiar with what we do here at Intecho, you will know that we provide the very best home automation systems, all coming with their own innovative feature sets that are easy to operate. Here, we will delve further into some of our top home automation systems, in particular KNX, Control4 and Dali.

We’ll start with KNX. We have covered the benefits of KNX in a previous blog, but we will point them out again today. KNX technology covers just about everything that you would need in a home, from heating and electricity to smart devices (including your television or your games console) to manual items like blinds and shutters. Security controls and energy management also form integral parts of the KNX software, and they all come together to build one main central nervous system for your house. It’s perfect for those who rely heavily on smart technology, and it’s also a good way for someone to be introduced to multi-tasking software. Simply put, if you are looking for home automation, KNX is of the highest possible standard, and delivers a simply incredible range of options.

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Next, we’ll look at Control4. This automation also focuses on controlling your environment, but it serves to enhance the experience by adding in some cool nuances that will make it even more enjoyable for you to chill out at home. Control4 in itself is a developer of intelligent building technologies, leading the way for innovation and concept creation, and this philosophy also applies to the Control4 home automation technology. Amongst the core features are control of energy use, security and also music and video; yes, you will have the best audio and visual entertainment imaginable as a result of this software, which will deliver enhancements like you’ve never seen nor heard before. So if you’re into your gadgets, you’ll love Control4.

Lastly, we’ll focus on DALI. DALI stands for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface, and the main purpose of this is to control lighting within building automation. This can be applied on its own – meaning that the only automation in your house will be for lighting – but it can also work in conjunction with other home automation software. For instance, while KNX has options to cover lighting, you could combine that technology with DALI, meaning that you’ll still get all of the main benefits of KNX along with the enhanced, high-quality lighting control options that are provided by DALI. So, whilst you could use DALI on its own, it can really make a bigger impact when combined with other automation, making it unique for being operable both solo and as part of a package.

These are the very best home automation systems that we currently offer, and you can read more by finding the page links on our Menu above.

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