Our automation technology is perfectly suited to all sorts of businesses and business locations. This includes fitness centres, for which smart-tech hardware can prove to be extremely valuable for a wide variety of reasons. In this article, we are going to explain the key benefits and other important elements that make our building automation technology the very best for leisure centres in all parts of the United Kingdom.

To begin with, we have to mention CCTV cameras, because this is a vital part of any gym due to the highly-expensive equipment for public use, and the possibility that somebody may try to steal weights, smaller machines or other pieces of kit within the facility. There is also the potential for cash registers to be looted, as well as any clothing left behind during work-outs, and if the fitness centre has a car park, vehicles are potentially at risk too. Therefore, CCTV cameras are an important part of the automation, especially since they can be planted in more areas, take up less room and cost less to install than ever before thanks to the technology that we use.

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Next up, there is climate control. This can come into use for several reasons: firstly, when you are having a particularly strenuous workout, the main room being too warm or too cold can really impact on your dehydration levels, and if too high or too low, it could lead to sickness. Secondly, the shower facilities also have to be on point with their temperatures, since a cold shower is the last thing that somebody needs after working out. And if the fitness centre has a sauna or steam room, again the climate has to be at the desired levels for the required effect. All of these require top-notch climate control as provided by our automation.

Finally, let’s take at several other elements that are included. The lighting is key, particularly during evening sessions; bear in mind that many gym facilities do not have windows, so a lighting failure could make the fitness centre unusable. Some gyms have Bluetooth music systems, and again the automation can help with this, keeping any time spent away from a workout to a minimum. And then there is the AV software which can benefit both staff and customers, with an example being the entering of a pin number through a touch screen to gain access to the building. All of these aspects and more are handled for fitness centres by our automation, which will enhance the experience for everybody involved.

So, for the Fitness centres, gym and recreation world, building automation can be extremely beneficial. Want to know more about how building automation can benefit your fitness centre? Contact Intecho for advice or installation quotes. Feel free to email us using this contact us form, email us at info@intecho.co.uk or call us for a chat on 01565 750 632