Here at Intecho, we always offer the very best in smart home technology solutions to cover so many aspects of life in the house, regardless of the size of the home, its location or the number of residents living there. One product which plays a key role in our service delivery are Tacteo Switches, which we regularly install and are strong advocates of. Tacteo Switches are the brainchild of one of our partner organisations ABB, and in this article, we will be taking a closer look at what Tacteo Switches are all about, and the benefits that they can bring as part of our smart home technology kits, in particular KNX software.

Tacteo Switches are officially referred to as being ABB-Tacteo KNX Sensors, and their primary purpose is to serve as a platform of control for particularly large-scale buildings such as office blocks, hotels and public tourist attractions, but as we will note, homeowners can also derive great pleasure from this equipment. They can be individually tailored to suit the requirements of a client, with designs, functions, icons and even colours being customisable, and there is the opportunity to choose between a more significant Tacteo Switch that covers the entire complex in one fell swoop, or a range of smaller Tacteo Switches to cover each of the rooms in the house. With their concept explained, let us now look at the ways in which using this highly innovative technology can reap massive benefits for the client.

We will begin by noting again the idea of configuring the functions of such a kit to suit the needs and wishes of the client. We mention this because, especially in a location which may have rooms of varying themes and moods, there is the ability to make every Switch different, which in turn will make every single room different when it comes to lighting effects, colours and brightness. This allows those in charge to tailor experiences based on this aspect and with the opportunity to change course as and when preferred, which can ensure that everybody’s time spent there will be unique and unpredictable. Of course, as noteworthy as all this is, it merely represents just one of the positives for a customer.



Indeed, while lighting is a crucial element of the Switches, it is far from the only function available. The ABB-Tacteo KNX Sensors can cover just about every physical and menial task that a complex would require, and all from one highly-compatible, in-depth kit that acts as a true central nervous system for the whole house. This allows the client to save a lot of time and money, which can then be allocated towards doing anything else that they feel is important, whether at home or beyond. It is not a good sign when people have to continuously perform duties that are important but are preventing them from getting on with more crucial activities, so it is a huge benefit that the Switches are able to handle however many jobs that the client would need to be performed, especially in a location where various people may be visiting regularly for different reasons.

Let us now look at the equipment itself. The ABB-Tacteo KNX Sensors are made of glass, which is not only environmentally-sustainable but also allows for the highest accuracy when it comes to touch-screen activation of tasks. What’s more, they come in at only 9.5 millimetres (less than one centimetre) in width, and this means that the Switches can easily blend into a wall with minimal disruption to its design; it can also be tailored again to match its background even more! On top of all this, removal protection is in place to reduce the possibility of theft, meaning that both the sensors and the location as a whole are more secure as a result, and even more so when linked with other smart technology packages available such as CCTV technology. These are a mere snapshot of the multitude of benefits that these particular Tacteo Switches, the ABB-Tacteo KNX Sensors, offer to clients, and they emphasise why Intecho are pleased to offer them to our customers at an affordable price.

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