A recent article from the telegraph showed how Intecho is helping hospitality industry improve customer experience whilst they are dining. A good case example is west London’s Caractère and Manchester’s MANA where Intecho was tasked for designing DALI to illuminate individual tables.

Our very own Paul Murphy, Intecho’s Director is quoted in the by the Telegraph (6th November 2018)

“Being able to adjust the colour output of the light positively affects the mood of the diner, making them more relaxed or alert, depending on the circumstance,” … “If a diner is looking for a very intimate setting and requires a very unobtrusive service, lighting can be dimmed subtly so as not to draw attention to that individual table or booth.”

The way we see technology, isn’t the same way we saw it 5 years ago. Majority of the people eating out have experienced this technology either at work or home as if businesses don’t adjust to these trends then they will lose out offering exceptional experiences the dinners are looking for. These personal experiences add to the overall perception of the service and often helps get clients back to your business. However, this shouldn’t be the only driving force to offer an excellent experience. Humans bridge the gap where technology can’t and as Leah Ryz (user experience business adviser) states:

“Technology can only get us so far in the customer experience. Human interaction is still needed in some capacity in most industries, and the restaurant business is no different.”

In a nutshell, restaurants can no longer look at technology as optional – integrating it in the right way is now critical to attract diners.

For more about this article visit the telegraph article by Tome Morrissy-Swan