More and more people are choosing to work from home. Technology has become so advanced now that remote work is possible in a way that did not exist ten, fifteen or twenty years ago. You can now do everything, from sharing information to holding meetings, from your living room sofa. Some companies are accommodating this by allowing their employees to work remotely. Other workers are rejecting the nine-to-five lifestyle in favour of freelancing. Either way, it seems that the home is quickly becoming a workplace for many people around the United Kingdom.

Smart home technology can be an enormous benefit for people who are running their businesses from home or who have chosen to work remotely. It allows your house to essentially become your own personal assistant. It can help you to manage meetings, organise work and set the perfect mood for your workplace. All of this ensures your home is the ideal environment for productivity.

Smart home technology has voice assistance features that allow you to ask your home questions or perform certain tasks on your behalf, for example, asking Cortana or Siri to find the nearest finance or mortgage adviser. If you run out of stationary, for instance, you could request your home to order a new batch for next-day delivery. Your smart home will also be able to give you live travel updates if you have an upcoming business trip. Furthermore, if it is linked with your email address, you can request it to reveal any unread recent messages you may have missed. These are all incredibly valuable functions for any home worker.

Perhaps the most useful function a smart home can perform for workers is calendar assistance. Smart homes are able to pull data through from emails, for example, in order to create a calendar of events you have coming up. You can subsequently enquire about what you have coming up for the day or week ahead. It will remind you of any meetings you have organised, any phone calls you have scheduled and any deadlines that might be looming.

However, productivity is about more than just managing your workload or delegating tasks; it is also about having the right environment to work in. Anyone who has worked from home will understand that this can be a challenge; the home is full of distractions which may affect your working day. A Control4 system, however, can ensure you have the perfect mood lighting to concentrate. Meanwhile, a KNX system can allow you to curate the perfect office music playlist and navigate it with voice commands.

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