It’s everyone’s worst nightmare, to come home and find that your home has been ransacked by thieves, who have taken not only valuable items but have also stolen or damaged objects with sentimental value that cannot be replaced. Worse still, these days many burglars are happy to sneak around your home while you’re upstairs sleeping, looking for money and car keys. Indeed, it’s enough to keep many of us up at night worried as we wonder how we can make our homes safer for our families and protect them from potential danger.

Well, thanks to smart home systems, your house can now be safer than ever. In fact, you might just be shocked at how much control smart home security can give you over your own home – no matter where you are in the world!

Holiday Mode Security

While going on holiday can be one of our favourite times of year, planning that holiday can feel stressful. Especially when you’re worried that your home may become desirable to burglars while you sunbathe on a beautiful beach. So, how can you protect your home while abroad?

Well, for many of us, in the past we would call in favours with neighbours or family members who would visit and turn on a few lights or close/draw your curtains. You may even have considered asking a niece or nephew to housesit while you’re away – that is, if you can trust them not to host wild parties in your absence!

Which is where smart home systems come in, as rather than leaving your security to other people, with Holiday Mode you’ll feel in complete control of your home. Plus, turning on Holiday Mode is simple, just select the holiday icon in your home tech app and you’re good to go.

During your time away, your home will mimic your habits from previous weeks in your home. This includes drawing curtains and turning on lights at the same time as you would normally do if you were at home. This copying of your usual behaviour makes your home look occupied and therefore undesirable to would-be thieves. You could even trigger this mode if you work night shifts or plan to be at the office for long hours.

Even better, the system will put your heating and hot water back to minimum settings, which will help you conserve energy and save money while you’re away.






Smart Security Doorbells and Gates

When your doorbell or security gate is pressed, it isn’t always easy to hear that alert, particularly when you live in a large property that can encompass three or even four floors. Well, that will never be a problem when you have an Intecho security system, as here an alert will be sent to every room with speakers. You can then use your app to view who is at your door or gate and even allow them entry – all without going to the door!

As well as being convenient, this is also a very useful smart home security tool. Perhaps you’re in your home alone and you feel uncomfortable answering the door, simply check the camera and see who is knocking your door. You can even use the intercom to talk with that person without needing to open the doors. This can also be done when you’re away from home – such as on holiday or enjoying a meal at a restaurant – making any would-be thieves who may be looking to see if there is anyone at home scarper.

Of course, not every thief will press your doorbell, which is where motion detectors come in. Here, if anyone is skulking around your door, a sensor will be triggered recording that movement and sending you an alert. Which means, if you’re not home, you can call the police and keep your home safe.

For extra security, CCTV can be added to your home where you can keep an eye on your home from all angles at any time of the day.


Burglar Deterrent

If the worst happens and someone does enter your property, the Intecho smart home systems will trigger its deterrent mode. Here all the lights in your home (both internal and external) will switch on and all curtains will open, which is often enough to scare any thieves away.

You can also set your internal lighting to pulse, where the lights will continuously turn on and off. Not only is this likely to scare any intruder, it can also alert your neighbours to the fact that something is wrong in your home. It will even make it easier for the police to find your home in this type of emergency, too.

Security Features Integrates with Other Smart Technology

Perhaps the biggest advantage of an Intecho securtity system is the fact that it effortlessly links up to other smart technology in your home, providing complete convenience to the user. Just think, because your security system can control your lighting and curtains to make your home occupied while you’re away, you can also use this system for ease too. As, if you want to turn certain lights on in your home, rather than getting up, simply use your smart hub.

The same goes for answering the door – if a friend is visiting, you can view your door to see it’s them, remotely open the lock on the door and then re-lock it when they enter. You can even send voice notes to others in the home through the speaker system. Perfect for letting the kids know that their dinner is ready!

Even better, you’ll never need to worry about whether or not you locked the door or turned off a certain light in your home. Simply check your app to make sure. Then, if you did forget something, you can fix the problem remotely without needing to go home again.


The safety and security of your loved ones is paramount to your Intecho Smart System, which means you’ll always feel secure in your home. So, take the first step in making your home secure today and find a tailor-made security system for your needs and lifestyle.

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