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Smart Home Lighting

Today’s home consumes a whole range of services and utilities. Lighting Control Systems have evolved in to so much more than just creating an ambiance in a room. Smart lighting systems work alongside utilities such as security, heating, windows and blinds to provide a versatile home that provide outstanding levels of comfort, safety and efficiency in a thoroughly dynamic manner. Intecho offers inspiring lighting design and supply of smart Lighting Control Systems for improved security & energy efficiency.

Smart lighting control systems add convenience, energy efficiency and comfort to the home as well a whole host of aesthetic benefits too. We provide smart home systems that creates versatile rooms that can be transformed in an instant with the touch of a button and enhance a space dynamically. These systems, an integral part of bespoke home automation are easy to use, robust and create a centralised lighting system that enhances a home with little or no effort on your part.

Our KNX or DALI protocol lighting systems provide homes with a fully controllable centralised system that allows you to alter the whole feel of a building at the press of a touch screen  smartphone or tablet. These systems can also be programmed to work with a range of other technology such as lighting sensors, motion detectors and timers to turn lights on and off, up and down and also in conjunction with alarms, blinds, locks and climate control among other things. This can all be utilised to enhance the living environment, home security, comfort and of course, energy efficiency.

Every element of your home’s energy consumption can be taken into account with Intecho’s systems and this can lead to significant cost and environmental savings and benefits. From dimming and turning off lights, to switching heat on in a room only when someone is present – our systems can do it and a whole lot more. In fact, a KNX system can provide savings of 30-50% in your energy consumption.

Intecho is also renowned for its innovation and creativity when it comes to smart lighting control. This factor, alongside our common sense approach and vast range of experience working on projects large and small means if it can be done then we can do it.

In addition, our systems allow for easier home maintenance and their centralised control areas mean that any problems can be located easily and dealt with quickly and efficiently. This saves a lot of time and effort and is another benefit of our systems.

Make more of your home now. Enjoy energy savings for the long term. Benefit from our experience.


Experts in the integration of such systems, Intecho have devised surveillance platforms for some of the UK’s most security conscious households. Let us look after your family.