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At Intecho, we know that even the smartest of homes can need a little TLC at times. That’s why we offer Intecho Total Cover to all of our clients. Whether it’s a software update, system adjustment, or general support to help with the everyday smooth running of your property, we’ve got you covered.

The beauty of our KNX and Control4 systems is that whilst they work effortlessly and seamlessly with you and your smart home, behind the scenes is a complex eco-system of technologies. While these technologies are flexible and future-proof by nature, there will be times when they would benefit from the expertise and maintenance services offered by Intecho Total Cover.

Periodical service visits give complete peace of mind. We arrange regular planned visits with you to inspect and maintain your systems, ensuring they continue to work at optimum efficiency.

With our telephone support, a member of the Intecho Total Cover team is always on hand. We provide you with a dedicated telephone number to make sure assistance is only a simple phone call away.

Remote monitoring and maintenance support allows our specialist team to view and connect with your home and its smart home systems. We can generally identify and diagnose technical issues whilst also being able to monitor and adjust lighting, heating and audio visual functions leaving you free to carry on with your day.

At Intecho we take pride in using the most innovative and sustainable technologies to create systems that allow our clients to operate and control their properties with ease. Through Intecho Total Cover, we are strengthening our commitment to providing first class technologies and service that will benefit you and the enjoyment of your smart home for many years to come.

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