In the early 2000’s, smartphones were still just a talking point in tech industry. Many predicted that they would become ubiquitous by the end of the decade. However, their presence was still fairly uncommon. Of course, nowadays, it is harder to find someone who does not own a smartphone than someone who does. They have become one of the 21st century’s most popular pieces of technology. Arguably, they are one of the most commonplace tech items ever made.

Technology firms are predicting that smart homes are at the point where smartphones were just over ten years ago. This is to say that while smart home technology is only found in a few homes now, there will be very few homes in the United Kingdom not reliant on some form of smart technology by the end of the 2020’s. It has been revealed, for instance, that the amount of Brits who own AI-powered smart tech has recently jumped to 14%. Meanwhile, another 25% revealed they would like to equip their homes with smart tech in the future.

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Smart technology has already resonated with homeowners because of the wealth of opportunities they present. Whether you are a young professional working from home or an elderly person living alone, whether you have a disability or simply wish to save money, smart technology such as KNX and Control 4 can be a huge benefit. It allows your appliances to be manually controlled or “talk” to one another, ensuring that running a home is simpler and more efficient than ever before.

Currently, the most popular demographic investing in smart home technology is men between 18 and 34 years old. According to experts, they are primarily using basic smart home technology whilst living in a rented property. However, the smart home technology market is expected to boom as they become homeowners with their own families. This, many predict, is when smart homes will begin to become ubiquitous.

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