The term “futureproofing” can be vague, but it generally means to make something adaptable and acceptable to receive continued changes, enhancements and upgrades. It means building the foundation for an element that can grow or operate without interruption well into the future, without a specified time restriction based its age or condition, With that in mind, when it comes to making your home smarter, KNX automation is the perfect futureproofing tool as we will now explain.

This is primarily because KNX is open source, meaning that it is more than just a physical operation platform. Though it can be managed offline, when it is connected to Wi-Fi or to another internet line, the automation is then open to continuous updates, not unlike your phone or videogame console. This is a very good thing: in the past, you would receive high-tech programmes, but they could not be altered upon completion. Thanks to industry advancements, though, KNX can update to remain fresh and relevant for endless years to come.

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What do we mean? Well, let’s say that a new method of touchscreen equipment was used to manage your lighting, your heating, your air conditioning and so on. Rather than the homeowner having to purchase a brand new KNX systems, the existing platform will be capable of implementing updates to its functionality, its interface and its range of options. This means that your seemingly-older system will begin to programme as if it were the newest, top of the range version of the automation, and this can continue when subsequent enhancements come along.

And this means safeguarding your finances, too. Rather than having to splash out cash every time KNX receives a major upgrade, or to purchase any add-ons, the one system will always be covering such changes. As a result, you do not need to spend an extra penny, instead being able to allocate your spendings towards other major home appliance improvements. These can then also be incorporated and linked with KNX open source technology. And if a new form of LED lighting arrives which the existing KNX does not connect with, guess what? The automation will receive a future upgrade allowing you to do just that. As a result, the KNX will always be relevant and on-point, thus futureproofing you and your smart home.

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