The winter season is here! The temperatures are starting to dip dramatically, the nights are starting a few minutes earlier each day, and you may have noticed the invasion of Christmas items in store windows and supermarkets.Smart Home Security Solutions Whilst it may indeed be the most wonderful time of the year, it can also be a particularly prevalent period when it comes to burglaries. A recent study by Lightwave suggests that burglaries increase by approximately 35% during the winter, in part because those earlier nights and later sunrises allow burglars extra time to pull off their crimes. This is where Intecho’s smart home security solutions can help to protect you and your loved ones.

Smart Home Security Solutions Smart Home Security Solutions

Smart home security in the likes of Cheshire and other major UK regions will be at the forefront of people’s minds as they hope to get through the winter without encountering unwanted risks towards the safety of their households and families.

That being said, there will always be plenty of ways to combat the threat of a burglary before it can even happen thanks to home automation, and Intecho are leading the way when it comes to providing the very best in smart home security during the winter, as we will now explain!

Smart Home Security Solutions

We want to begin by reiterating the main benefits of a smart home in general: you can have all of your devices, daily tasks and appliance settings conducted from one central smart technology nervous system, and it covers everything that you could ask for.

Smart Home Security Solutions

From lighting to locks, from gadgets to heating, and from alarms to cameras, Intecho’s home automation brings together the most innovative smart technology possible in ways that have never been seen before.


Security is a major element of our smart tech, and a pretty serious one at that. Indeed, having a wide range of methods to improve your enjoyment of entertainment options in the house while reducing the time spent on the more menial things that every home owner has to do would not have quite the same impact if they weren’t backed up by top-range security.


Intecho’s expertise design and deliver home automation software, and there are some particularly key aspects to this, which will keep your smart home safe and secure as we head into the winter period.

Smart Home Security Solutions

First of all, it will ensure that all doors and windows will be tightly locked at all times, particularly when you are not in the house or when you are in bed; there will be no need to worry about whether you remembered to lock entry ways into the house because the home automation will have that covered.


Secondly, we mentioned alarms and cameras, and these are a vital part of what we provide via our security feature set, because in the event of anybody even trying to approach your house who shouldn’t be there, our automation can shine a light upon them and trigger an alarm, all while being recorded on hidden CCTV cameras, thus meaning that their endeavour at a burglary would be foiled before they even attempted to break in.


If that wasn’t enough, our home automation can also manage lighting to such a degree that it will appear that you are always active during the day, whether you are at home or not.


Our automated lighting can be set so that, even while you’re out, the implication to the outside world will be that you are still at home, albeit in such a manner that you will not be using up a large amount of energy. And the same applies to the night-time, where your rooms will not necessarily be pitch-black as you sleep, thus putting off wrong-doers who want to strike during the early hours.


As you can see, Intecho’s home automation will keep your house safe and secure this winter, allowing you to fully enjoy the most exciting time of the year! Find out more about how Intecho can offer you the very best smart home solutions this winter by going to our website at


Smart Home Security Solutions