Home automation lighting represents the future when it comes to lighting up your house including the external setups like gates to increase a safe environment in the most vibrant, cost-effective and environmentally-beneficial manner. Here at Intecho, we have been known for our excellent home automation software for some time now, and an absolutely vital aspect of the packages that we offer concerns lighting. Today, we’ll take a closer look at home automation lighting.

Home automation lighting means that all of the lighting within your home can be operated from one standalone central digital nerve system. It means that the days of pulling strings and flicking switches for every single bulb in the house are over. This obviously saves you a lot of time, because a simple press on a touch-screen will achieve what you require, but it also saved you plenty of money, and not only for the initial installation of the bulbs. How many times have you had a broken light which has needed new bulbs, some of which may be a specific size, or where the electrics have blown to the point where you can no longer switch on an otherwise-fine light bulb? These issues are a thing of the past with automated lighting.

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It also means that you can save energy by ensuring that the lights only come on in certain rooms at particular times based on your daily routine. So, if you go to bed at 11.30pm and you’re awake at 7.30am, the automated lighting can have a timer activated so that the lights remain off during that time, coming on only should you get up to use the restroom. It also means that lights can be left off during the day while you are at work, further saving energy at a time when you won’t be around anyway. And how often have you sat at home during the day with light bulbs being on unnecessarily? Automated technology will pick up on this and resolve it too.

But perhaps it’s the wide range of effects and colours that come from home automation lighting that make it such a firm favourite. Want to make the room a bit romantic? Have the lighting set to a cool mix of red and black to provide just the right mood. Want to wow the young ones with an ever-changing, almost fountain-like rainbow effect? The lighting can toggle between the seven colours of the ‘bow. Want to have some friends around for a party? The automation can create a disco effect of flashy electrical lights covering every colour on the spectrum. All of these and more can be achieved, ensuring that no two nights will ever look and feel the same thanks to the enormous variety on offer through this software.

As you can see, then, there is no end to the list of benefits for using home automation lighting. Want to know more about how home automation can benefit your home? Contact Intecho for advice or installation quotes. Feel free to email us using this contact us form, email us at info@intecho.co.uk or call us for a chat on 01565 750 632