Intecho’s smart automation has made a major impact for so many clients within the hotel sector. Indeed, the innovative smart technology has radically transformed the manner in which a hotel can convey its messages to customers, and it has completely redefined the hotel guest experience in a number of ways, as we will now explain.

The first change comes through the use of keypads and touchscreens. Smart technology relies so much on touchscreen devices, and this is carried over into the DALI and KNX automation at the disposal of the guests. It allows them to learn more about the hotel, check out its range of services, contact the reception area, make a request for the likes of a wake-up call or room service, log into the complex’s Wi-Fi network and so much more. In the past, a guest would have to speak directly to a member of staff or call down to the receptionists to handle these services, often resulting in long waits (especially when the hotel is busy). By having keypads and touchscreens to handle all of these jobs, the guest saves time and effort, allowing them to kick back and rest easier once they have checked into their room.

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Next, the automated technology doesn’t just promote the services that the hotel itself has; it also handles the tasks that would traditionally require the installation of various pieces of kit in the room. One of these concerns the thermostat, which will either heat up or cool down the room depending on the temperature that day and the preferences of the guest. It can prove to be a tricky device at times, since it can be hard to gauge what is too hot and too cold, not to mention that you don’t want to adversely affect how heated the room becomes when you try to sleep that night. Because the smart automation acts as a digital thermostat, though, it becomes much easier to spot how warm the room is, how warm the general climate is expected to be over the coming hours, and to easily flick the switch when required. In a nutshell, the reliable, logical automated thermostat replaces the occasionally-tricky and sometimes unreliable old-school physical devices.

Lastly, one of the cooler elements of automated technology for guests concerns the lighting, and we’re not just talking about an on/off switch. We’re talking about the lighting automatically switching off when you’re out and about in order to save energy, we’re talking about the lighting having various levels of brightness depending on what you prefer (e.g. having the light go dimmer when you’re preparing to sleep), and we’re talking about the lighting coming in various colours. Some hotels provide lighting through their smart automation that boasts a wide spectrum of colours with unique fading effects akin to the changing colours of a rainbow. This is often one of the more memorable aspects of a guest’s stay at the establishment, and it can only be made possible through smart automation.

These are just some of the ways that smart automation has redefined the guest experience at a hotel, and Intecho are leading the way when it comes to delivering this innovative technology. Want to know more about how smart hotel automation reduces the necessity and burden within your hotel or leisure centre? Contact Intecho for advices or installation quotes. Feel free to email us using this contact us form, email us at or call us for a chat on 01565 750 632