Most electronics in the home now have the capability to connect to the internet. Their subsequent ability to talk to one another in order to function in a more intelligent way is what we now describe as the smart home. However, many of these electronics, which can communicate via Control 4 and KNX home automation, do not have their own antivirus and hack-proof software yet. This means items like baby monitors, pet trackers, thermostats, external speakers and even your home security are open to compromise if you are not careful. Therefore, homeowners need to be more stringent about how they go about using them in order to ensure they are not compromised.

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Hackers are a common fear among people who own smart home technology like KNX or Control 4. Intruders may be able to access your security features, for instance, if they are able to hack your smart home devices. For them to do this, they first need to connect to your internet. There is nothing they can achieve without being able to log on to your home network. This demonstrates why it is essential for homeowners to have, at least, these two things: a private network rather than a public one, and a strong password that no one will be able to predict.

Many homeowners still choose to have their wireless internet set up as a public network. One of the main reasons for this is convenience; you don’t need to go through security checks in order to connect to your internet. However, by doing this, anyone within the vicinity will easily be able to use your network. If you have a home with smart technology, this may allow them to have complete control over the devices in your house. It is essential that homeowners change to a private network.

To access your internet, as well as any devices that are connected to it, you should need to enter a password. This should not be something that someone would be able to guess. Avoid choosing a password simply because it’s easy or memorable. Selecting 1234567 might seem a good idea at the time but it is actually the most common password in the world (making it the likely first attempt for potential hackers). Birthdays, middle names, children’s names and pet’s names should not be considered either as someone with an intimate knowledge of you or your family could potentially predict these.

KNX and Control 4 technologies make life easier in a myriad of ways, from giving you the ability to control your lights from your smartphone to setting temperatures remotely. However, like everything you do online, you have to ensure you are protected. The best way to do that is to prevent hackers or viruses from getting into the system in the first place; blocking their path before they can even begin. A strongly guarded internet is the answer to that.

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