Installing a KNX commercial automation system is one of the best ways business owners can attain peace of mind when it comes to security. The security of an office is one of the primary concerns for people who run their own company. Whether it is a high street store or an industrial unit, breaches of security can be enormously costly for a business. It doesn’t matter whether you are in the service industry like car finance or physical products, security should be top of the agenda. It is estimated, in fact, that around 30% of business failures happen as a result of crime. However, a state-of-the-art commercial smart system in which appliances communicate with one another can both dissuade and prevent crime.

Among the many ways that a KNX commercial automation system can help to protect a place of business is by creating a occupancy simulation making it look as if there are people still working away at the office so that potential thieves are afraid to break in. A KNX system allows you to do far more than simply keep the lights on of an evening; it can create a complex series of natural-looking scenarios that make it really look like someone is at the office. Different lights can be timed to go on and off at certain intervals, for instance, or screens can be activated and deactivated to appear that someone is actually in the workplace. This decreases the likelihood of a crime occurring in the first place.

In the unlikely event that someone does try to break into your office, a KNX commercial automation system can ensure you are immediately alerted to the activity. An entry panel to the building, for example, can communicate with any smart device such as a phone or tablet to alert you of when someone has attempted to enter its code. You could then activate a security camera that streams a live feed to your device and witness who is trying to gain entry: a keen employee doing a late shift or someone with criminal intent. If it is a burglar, you can immediately call the police or enable a pre-recorded message that warns the criminal to vacate the premises.

If a criminal does not try to enter your building through the front entrance but through a window or roof instead, a KNX commercial automation system is no less effective to a business owner. As all of the appliances around a home will be connected with the ability to communicate with one another, an opened window or broken glass pane can, while the alarm is activated, transmit an alert to your smart device. Even the most elaborate of attempts to break in to your business will therefore be noticed this way.

But what if you or a forgetful employee misremembers to set the alarm before going home? There is no need to be concerned. Your business’s security system can be enabled or disabled from anywhere in the world you have an appropriate device and internet connection.

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