When our mothers, fathers and grandparents grow older, they inevitably require more assistance around the home than they may have done in younger years. As we grow older, we become less stable on our feet and are prone to slips, trips and accidents. It makes doing what used to be simple jobs around the home somewhat difficult. Furthermore, our memories may slowly become less reliable, facilitating the risk of electronics being left on that might run up the energy bill or leaving homes unsecured and at the risk of burglary. A smart home system may seem like technology built for young owners, but the people it can most benefit, because of these aforementioned challenges, are the elderly.

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Home automation provides you with the ability to control almost every aspect of your house through an electronic device. You can manage your smart lighting, home security, home cinema and energy management from one central location rather than many different ones. For elderly people who find it challenging to walk short distances, installing a home automation system and becoming familiar with the technology can literally be a lifesaver.

There is no need to risk manoeuvring you way around the living room to turn on the light switch, for instance, when you can keep a device nearby that can control it for you. Some home automation systems, such as DALI lighting, even allow for a variety of different lighting options depending on your preference. Home automation is particularly useful, however, when you are going out of an evening or retiring to bed. Rather than assessing every room to make sure the lights are off and exposing yourself to falls in the dark, a simple tap on a device can turn everything off in one go.

One of the main concerns that elderly people have around their home is heat. Especially in the winter months when cold snaps can be life threatening, having a warm home is imperative. Home automation systems can give you peace of mind on this front. You are able to set a temperature level for each room, for instance, so that your energy is being used conservatively depending on how you live at home.

You can provide more heat to the living room where you spend most of your time, for instance, and only turn on the heating in the bedroom at a certain time of the evening when you are preparing to sleep. This ensures heat is not being wasted on things that don’t matter. However, perhaps the greatest asset that some home automation systems have is their ability to learn your behaviour and automatically set a temperature based on your habits.

Security is an anxiety for both elderly homeowners and their family members, particularly those whose memories may not be as sharp in their later years. You never need to worry about unlocked houses or open windows with a home automation system though. From notifications that alert you to open doors to the ability to call a specified number when access routes are breached, smart home systems can allow you to quit worrying about the safety of the elderly person in your life.

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