Intecho’s innovative, futuristic automation systems deliver an experience that saves energy and time, while also handling a multitude of major tasks from one central digital nerve centre. Amongst these is lighting, with the Intecho automation handling all lighting within a building. This can prove to be extremely beneficial for businesses and residential’s for reasons that we will now delve into further.

The first benefit is obvious: the automation can manage the lighting for the entire complex regardless of size. This means that, for a business premises, there could be dozens of rooms, ranging from small offices to large conference facilities even high tech laboratories & universities, for which lighting can be operated automatically, which is particularly useful when closing up a building for the night. In the case of residential’s, again there could be a large number of rooms with varying sizes, for which it is a major time-saver to have one system that can manage them all. Of course, each room will have their own switch for specific use, but it’s a big positive to be able to control them all with a simple swipe or click on automation software app.

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The second upside is that the lighting doesn’t necessarily have to be the same across rooms. It could be that some rooms should be dimmer than others. It could be that some rooms will be on a timer based on the expected activity within there. Or it could be that the lights within those rooms can change colour, or fade on and off, or even have a mixture of effects. There are so many options that go beyond a simple on/off switch, and again it would take up a lot of time to operate this process manually when going room-by-room, which further enhances the value that lighting automation systems can provide.

The other major benefit of lighting automation concerns the times when people are not using the building. For a business, it will most likely be the night-time hours; for residentials, in particular student halls, it may be a longer stretch, such as the summer months. Whatever it may be, there will be significant downtime when it comes to usage and, consequently, lighting. As a result, this could catch the eye of people who should not be on the properties. But through lighting automation, it can appear from the outside that these rooms are still in use even during quiet times, thus reducing the likelihood of there being unwanted visitors, and any problems that could arise from that; after all, they are less inclined to try anything if they believe that staff or residents are still present, and even if they aren’t, lighting automation can give off the effect that they are.

These are just some of the key benefits of the Intecho lighting automation using KNX opensource technology.

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