The KNX automation that we offer here at Intecho can serve a great many people, in particular for industries and for businesses in general. There are a lot of benefits for the industrial and business world, as we will now explain.

The first thing is to emphasise that KNX automation can connect a multitude of devices inside the same building to exchange information that allows KNX, from one central nerve system, to control all of these mechanisms. An industrial site or a business complex is often quite large, affording to the extensive space required for the organisation to build and store its products or for a successful company to house all of its members of staff. Therefore, KNX makes a big difference when it comes to bringing together every room and every employee via the automation that can control machinery and operations catering to everywhere and everyone on the site.

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Secondly, let’s think about the many different tasks that the KNX automation can manage. It can cover everything: security, lighting, heating, energy efficiency, sensors, dimmers, valves, blinds, shutters, audio, video, displays and so much more. As you can see, the KNX automation can cover so much, making it far easier for employees on a daily basis. These manual tasks can take up a lot of time when handled separately, so having one large-scale piece of software that handles everything can massively reduce the time spent on such tasks, allowing the workforce to focus on the main operations of the business.

Finally, KNX automation doesn’t just save time; it can also provide a great financial saving for a company. Having everything covered in one digital place reduces the costs required for the likes of traditional switches, wiring, banners and other things which, when purchased and used manually, can build up to leave a dent in the finances of a business. And in the event of lights, heaters etc breaking and requiring manual labour to come by and fix them, this only adds to the costs. Because everything is handled by KNX automation, though, all of these costs are removed, only arising very infrequently when the time comes to completely replace lights and heaters. Otherwise, the money devoted to these appliances will be greatly reduced thanks to KNX automation.

So, for the industrial and business world, KNX automation can be extremely beneficial. Want to know more about how home automation can benefit your home? Contact Intecho for advice or installation quotes. Feel free to email us using this contact us form, email us at or call us for a chat on 01565 750 632