As we approach the “next” twenties with 2020 now being little more than ten months away, it’s fascinating to consider how much we have evolved, even in just the past few years. Although the internet first became a thing in the mid-to-late 1990s, and it really became commonplace in the early 2000s, we have experienced tremendous innovation and evolution for the way we live our lives during the current decade thanks to the internet.

And this chiefly applies to domestic appliances. Those who previously turned a blind eye to using the internet are now online for everything from updating their gas meter reading to purchasing a new sofa. But where the internet has really impacted us domestically concerns control of our everyday tasks. Indeed, our smart-technology automation allows us to manage the likes of heating, lighting, energy and more via one digital software kit, one that relies on the internet via Wi-Fi that keeps everything connected and working as a singular machine.

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As for where the future is heading when it comes to using the internet for control of domestic tasks? The obvious step forward concerns increased use of apps on smartphones and tablet devices, allowing us to control the automation even when we’re not at home thanks to internet connection, as well as an expanded presence of websites and online platforms that allow us to perform the same duties. As time goes on, we will also likely see the automation software evolve to the point where we can achieve more on a smaller machine, thus providing even more of a boost.

Ultimately, though, one can only wonder what the future of domestic control will bring thanks to the internet. We may be heading to a stage where we don’t even need to make physical adjustments for our online management of domestic appliances to take place. Or perhaps the greatest innovation has yet to be revealed, and will take the world by storm over the next few years. And that makes things more exciting, because we have yet to discover the full potential of online domestic management. One thing is for sure, though: the internet becomes ever more valuable for those wanting to manage their home appliances in one place, and this will only continue to expand in the coming years.

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