There are many benefits to having a Control 4 system in the home. Safety, comfort and ease are just a handful of the many things that the system can offer by allowing you to manage a variety of electronics from your device of choice. One of the biggest thrills that a Control 4 system offers to homeowners, however, is the ability to throw a house party like no other. It is the best way to break in your Control 4 system: invite your favourite people around and make the most of its fun features to leave your guests in awe.

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Enabling a state-of-the-art home entertainment system is one of the main things that Control4 prides itself on with its innovative technology. If you throw a party with a range of guests you can, for instance, tailor the choice of music to every single room in the home. Guests in the kitchen can enjoy an ambient, relaxing music while those in the living room can listen to the latest chart hits. The system is easily connected to a range of streaming services from Pandora to TIDAL in order to play whatever music you fancy. Plus, if the party really gets going, you can control the climate in any particular room if it begins to get a little hot and sweaty.

However, it is not just music that can be customised to each room in your home if you throw a party. You can also achieve the same thing with the smart lighting to create a unique mood depending on where your guests are. Perhaps you will want to dim the lights in certain areas as the evening draws on, or maybe you want to brighten the dining room as food is served. Having different videos stream on screens in each room can enhance the mood, such as album art for your music or videos streamed from a service such as Netflix.

Best of all, all of these things can be achieved without removing yourself from the party once. You do not have to break away from conversations to change the music, neglect your friends to turn the stove off, or fuss about all night with temperature and light controls. A Control 4 automation system allows you do all of these things from the palm of your hand with an everyday electronic device such as a smartphone or tablet. Entertaining your house guests has never been easier than with a Control 4 system, and it has quite frankly never been better.

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