Traditional home security systems are far from impenetrable. With them, the only thing that stands between a criminal and the important items in your home is a mere four-digit code. If someone were to gain knowledge of that code, they would be able to potentially steal any valuable household item they wish. Considering most people in the United Kingdom use the same codes for their home security as their online banking, website passwords and bank cards, this is hardly outside the realm of possibility. Furthermore, the majority of alarm codes are easy to guess, such as common number sequences like 5, 6, 7, 8 or the homeowner’s birth date.

Modern smart home systems, like a KNX home automation, provide much better security than their traditional equivalents. They allow your security system to connect to the internet and communicate with other smart devices in the home. By doing this, they can work in harmony with lighting, video and audio systems to provide more comprehensive security to a property. Furthermore, some of the more contemporary security systems can include fingerprint and facial recognition – a far more dependable alternative to the old-fashioned four-digit code.

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Smart security is also much more intelligent than what most houses are currently fitted with. A traditional security system, for example, will usually encompass an entire home with the exception of bedrooms and hallways. It means that you can only activate it when you have gone out or to bed. However, smart security, facilitated by KNX technology, can allow you to secure individual zones as well as your entire home. You could arm the kitchen, for instance, whilst watching TV in the living room.

Smart homes fitted with technology such as KNX are also able to avoid one of the other common complications associated with traditional security systems: remembering to turn the alarm on. In the past, if you left for work or went on holiday without having activated the house alarm, you would be leaving your property exposed to criminal activity for hours, days, even weeks. However, this is not a problem with smart home security. These can usually be easily activated and deactivated from your smartphone anywhere in the world. You can also use your device to configure and control your system remotely. You could be in London, New York or in the Jungle and still manage your security.

Traditional home security systems may be far from impenetrable. However, smart security systems built into a contemporary home offer much tougher defence. Remote control, zonal activation and facial or fingerprint recognition, among many other features, can help you and your family feel more secure around your property.

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