Smart home technology is an investment in the future as much as it is an investment in the present. With corporations like Amazon, Facebook and Google entering the marketplace with their own smart home technology, it is only a matter of time before it becomes commonplace in houses around the globe. Installing systems such as KNX, DALI or Control4 now ensures you are getting a head start in preparing for the home of the future.

But what exactly can we expect from smart technology in the coming years? One of the biggest advancements we are bound to see in the coming years will be the introduction of Artificial Intelligence. It is not a matter of if artificial intelligence will become a reality for homeowners around the world; it is a matter of when. Once it does, it will revolutionise the smart technology industry. It could allow appliances to function autonomously, adjusting to each particular homeowner’s preferences. For instance, AI-improved security systems could have the ability to intuitively detect threats and proactively alert homeowners to these.

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On a similar note, the next major step for smart technology will be data sharing. The ideal smart home will be able to act like a personal assistant. Fridges could order the food you need when it is depleted, lights could switch on and off in certain rooms based on your behaviour, and the home could be heated to the ideal temperature for the time of your arrival home from work. However, in order for this to become a reality, data needs to be shared across companies to feedback to other smart devices. Homeowners may fear data sharing, but when done in a responsible way it could allow your smart home to learn about you and your behaviour, enabling it to perform important tasks on your behalf.

Smart technology is becoming increasingly intelligent and increasingly affordable with each year. It means that homeowners will soon be unable to remember a time when their lives were not enriched by the possibilities of smart home technology. It is an inevitable part of our futures. With many exciting developments on the horizon, now is the time to prepare your home for it.

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