Spring has finally arrived. Having endured the Beast From The East and the seemingly endless cold snap, many families around the United Kingdom will understandably be spending their Easter weekend wanting to enjoy the garden. Whether it is hosting a party for friends or simply spending some quality time with the children, a garden can be improved by smart home technology.

Smart technology allows your home (and your garden) to function more efficiently than ever before. It can streamline your home life to ensure your comfort and happiness. Smart home devices connect to your wireless Internet and allow you to manage or monitor them from a single device. Moreover, they occasionally have the ability to communicate with one another. But how exactly can this help to improve your garden?

Enquire about Smart Home Technology

Homeowners can guarantee their garden is looking spending by installing smart irrigation systems that will tell you exactly when to water your plant. You can place them in your plant pot and it will pick up soil readings. In doing so, it can send information to your device telling you when your plants need some TLC. It is like your plants are directly communicating with you.

At night, you can also ensure the ideal aesthetic for your garden by setting up a Control 4 lighting system. The outdoor lighting can be programmed through a smart device if you use Control 4. You can highlight certain areas of the garden, for instance, or dim the lights when they are not in use to conserve energy. Smart lighting can also be programmed to turn on and off in relation to the daylight.

Particularly useful if you are hosting an outdoor garden party and want to keep an ear out for when guests are arriving, smart doorbells can also hook up to your device. This can come through as a video feed as well so you can see who is at the door. It ensures you don’t miss the bell when you are in the garden – perhaps surrounded by music, chatter and noise.

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