There are many great features that a KNX home automation system can offer to families. The most commonly used ones will include autonomous heating, home lighting and music control. However, there are a number of more sophisticated functions that a KNX home automation system can perform. These are particularly useful when it comes to home security. The array of complex and intelligent features available with KNX can ensure peace of mine for any homeowner.

One particularly useful feature that comes with a KNX home automation system is the ability to send text messages to people when someone enters your property. You could, for instance, program the security system to monitor anyone entering onto your land through a garden fence. In the event that someone does, KNX can be set up to send an automated SMS message to your mobile phone. This is similar to smart trackers which will send you messages on your phone. This allows you to be immediately notified of any unusual activity – even if you are at work, shopping or on holiday.

Although being alerted to a security breach is useful, it doesn’t exactly protect the property itself – especially if you are many miles away from home. This is where KNX’s abilities become particularly useful to homeowners. Not only can you monitor suspicious activity with this smart technology; you can also remotely take actions that will discourage potential burglars. You can activate visual or audio deterrents that seek to frighten intruders off a property.

Deterrents can also be programmed based on the time of day and year. They do not simply require manual activation. Lights could be instructed to switch on in the event of unusual activity during the night, for instance, giving the impression that someone is awake at home. On the other hand, you may wish to have the KNX system close or lock all open windows if an alarm is set off on a summer’s afternoon to mitigate the risk of a break-in.

KNX’s text message alerts do not just protect homeowners from break-ins though; the system can also communicate with your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. It means that in the unlikely scenario that a fire occurs whilst you are out of the house, you can immediately call the fire department to respond. You do not have to rely on neighbours or risk coming home to a burned down house. It also mitigates the risk, furthermore, of stepping into a carbon monoxide filled home in the event of a leak whilst you are away.

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