There are many people who can benefit from the unique features that a smart home offers. Elderly and disabled people, for instance, are among the persons who can help to simplify their home lives for the better by installing smart home technology such as a KNX home automation system. Their ability to control aspects of the home without requiring you to move, in particular, can allow people who aren’t as physically able to perform household tasks safely.

However, one demographic that benefits enormously from smart home technology, and one that rarely gets discussed in these kinds of conversations, are parents. There are many ways that young kids and their parents can improve their livelihoods through some of the simple advantages offered by a KNX home automation system.

A smart home allows you to connect a variety of appliances via your wireless internet and control their behaviour through a device such as a smartphone, tablet or other electronic gadget. In doing so, parents have greater control over screens their children might be using. It is possible, for instance, to ensure that children are not watching television or playing console games outside of the rules set by their parents. You could programme electronics to turn off at a certain time restricting gaming to, say, one hour per night. Alternatively, you could connect your TV to a voice-activated speaker such as Amazon Echo allowing you to turn electronics on or off with a simple vocal command.

Security is a key concern for parents. Every parent wants to be safe in the knowledge that his or her children are secure. With smart home technology such as a KNX automation system, parents are given a lot of control over their home security. One example of this is the ability to lock and unlock doors from your device. This feature could be incredibly beneficial if, for some reason, your child ends up coming home before anyone else is there to let them in (if they leave school with a sickness, for example). Rather than being locked out of the home, a click of a button from your device can allow them access to the house. Other features include detection of opened windows that might alert parents to intrusion and being able to monitor your home through CCTV synced up to your device.

New parents, in particular, can take advantage of the entertainment features that can be accessed through smart home technology. In a way, you can transform your home into an additional parent when this technology installed. You can use Amazon Echo, for example, to narrate a story to your little child or play some music to them, allowing you a short (and surely much needed) rest as a parent. Voice reminders can also be set to help you stick to your parenting routine. Feeding times, nap times, etc. can all be programmed.


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