Most households continue to rely on older appliances. Because they can be quite expensive to replace, homeowners tend to stick with the same heaters, air conditioning units and light fixtures that have been a part of the home for years. Often, it is only when these appliances have completely broken that the prospect of buying a new one is considered. However, using old appliances can be incredibly costly for homeowners. The older they are, the more energy they consume. On top of this, newer appliances utilise cutting-edge technology that allows for cost saving in the household – cutting technology such as a KNX home automation system.

Investing in brand new energy efficient appliances may seem expensive at first, but within just a few years you could have made back that money from the savings on your annual energy bill. Especially if you invest in ultra-modern appliances that can be connected and communicate with one another. A KNX system enables just that. It allows appliances within a building to talk to each other and exchange information. This can include lights, heating and valves, as well as many others. By sharing this information across a network, appliances around the home can automatically determine how best to conserve energy whilst ensuring your comfort.

A KNX home automation system, for example, can allow your home lighting to become more intuitive. Rather than having to leave artificial lighting switched on when it is not in use – for example, if you leave a room and forget to turn it off, or if you want to leave one on so you can see in the morning – this system can adjust the lights depending on your behaviour. A timer system can tell the lights when to turn on, turn off or dim down to a low, energy saving light. The smart home system could also communicate with shutters and blinds to allow sunlight into the home at a certain time of the day when it is bright enough that artificial sources are no longer necessary.

These measures facilitated by a KNX home automation system can all be an enormous cost-saver for homeowners. It is estimated, in fact, that they could cut costs in the home by up to 50%. This means that the cost of installation has been paid off very quickly and you, as a homeowner, can begin investing that money into the things that really matter to you: holidays, family or leisure.

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