The hotel industry can be one of the most demanding sectors to work in. As you are looking after hundreds of different customers’ variety of needs for there are a myriad of things that one must stay on top of when you are managing a hotel. There could be security, comfort and temperature; there might even be the restaurant, the pool and the leisure centre. It requires an overwhelming amount of attention in order to keep hotel guests happy, and it can leave hoteliers with a devastatingly busy schedule. Commercial automation has been utilised by many commercial industries facing similar challenges to this, and it can significantly improve your ability to manage a hotel.

Commercial automation is when many of the technologies around a building—such as heating, lighting, security, etc.—are connected to the internet. By doing this, it provides hotel managers with the ability to control all of these technologies through one internet-connected device like a smartphone or tablet. There is no longer the need to rush between the lobby and the restaurant, for instance, in order to adjust the temperature or the lighting so that customers are more comfortable. This can all be managed from one location by accessing these features through an app.

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Managing a hotel can be a lot less stressful with commercial automation installed. Automation, such as the KNX system that is provided by Intecho, allows hotel owners to streamline many of the things they need to attend to on a daily basis. That is why commercial automation is being embraced by a number of hotels across the United Kingdom in order to reduce these challenges. Intecho has helped to introduce this technology to the likes of Motel One in Manchester and Conrad Hilton in St James in the past. However, it is not just hotel management that can benefit from this amazing technology; it is also the customers.

Many hotels are taking steps towards introducing smart technology into their rooms for guests. Guests may be provided with a tablet that gives them the power to control the lighting and heating, or contact room service and the hotel reception with just the touch of a screen. Because hotel guests want to relax and be taken care of, this kind of technology can greatly improve a customer’s experience. Instead of trying to understand the air-con in a stuffy room, scavenging through their accommodation to find a room service number or frantically trying to access check out information, this is all controllable through one simple device.

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