Would you like to improve the efficiency, security and integration of your home? Perhaps you have lots of smart devices already and you’d like these devices to work together cohesively to provide you with the ultimate convenience.

Well that’s where Control4 comes in, as this lifestyle company is dedicated to improving convenience in our homes, learning our daily habits and making our devices work together to provide the best living experience possible.

Just think, rather than controlling your lights, audio and security through different apps, you can instead control everything from one central hub with Control4. Indeed, pressing just one button could perform multiple tasks in your home. Saving you lots of time and effort.

So, are you intrigued about adding Control4 smart automation to your home? Well, after hearing about all the ways Control4 can make your life easier, you’ll be wondering why you haven’t invested in Control4 already – it really is that good!

Smart Home Audio

Whether you adore music, podcasts or audiobooks, when you try to listen to your chosen sounds over a speaker, you soon find that when you move from room to room, you can no longer properly hear it. Which can become incredibly annoying.

Yet that doesn’t mean you want to hook up a massive speaker that will blare music through the walls – not only is this far from ideal for those of us with sleeping babies or kids, but you’ll find that the music quality gets seriously compromised too.

Which is why Control4 is so popular for its smart home audio solutions. As, to control sound throughout your home, all you need is your Control4 and a speaker set up in every room. From there, you’ll be able to control the sound in every room of your home via your app, a remote or your voice.

Smart Home Audio Visual - Intecho

You can even choose which rooms your audio will be heard in, which is ideal if you’d like to have audio throughout one floor of your home for a dinner party while upstairs is nice and quiet for the kids. You can even set it to play white noise to help your baby sleep more soundly.

Even better, if you do like the idea of smart home audio but you’re a little concerned about bulk speakers spoiling your décor, there’s no need to worry. That’s because speakers can be blended into a room extremely easy, such as getting integrated into walls and painted to match the colour of that wall.

Indeed, you might not believe there are even speakers in your rooms – until you hear the music that is!

Home Lighting Automation

Whether it’s arguing with your partner over who has to turn off the lights before getting into bed or your dislike of returning to a dark and cold looking home after a long day at work – many of us don’t realise all the wonderful benefits of light automation until it’s installed in our homes.

Home Light Automation 2 - Intecho Home Light Automation - Intecho

Indeed, you might be surprised that controlling your lighting with Control4 is more than just the convenience of turning a light on or off without leaving your seat. In fact, smart home lighting can also help you save electricity, improve your home security and even make your house feel more like a home:

  • Security

You might not realise it, but lighting is one of the biggest deterrents out there for burglars. So, with your automated lighting system, you can use Control4 to mimic your usual lighting habits while you’re on holiday or simply out for an evening. This includes random turning on and off of lights, just as you would expect from someone being in the house.

Smart Home Security - Intecho
  • Electricity Saving

When you have normal lighting, without dimmers, we tend to just put a set amount of lights on – regardless of how bright this actually is. For a Control4 home, though, you can set your dim level from your phone, which is ideal for watching a movie or a soft light in the morning when you’re waking up.

When you use dimmers, you’ll soon find that your electricity bills start to look greener too. That’s because, if you’re only use a light at half its power, you’ll only be using half the energy too!

  • Convenience

Most of all, though, your Control4 lighting system brings an exceptional level of convenience to your life. That’s because, through your app, you control every single in your home as well as setting timers for when you’d like a light to turn on.

Just think, rather than walking into a dark home, you can turn your lights on from the car before you walk through the door. Or, at bedtime, simply get into bed and press “Good Night” on your Conrol4 app and every single light will turn off – perfect for saving time!

Over time your Control4 systems can learn your lighting habits, knowing which rooms you use and what level of lighting you like. Which means, your system will set your lights to exactly your liking – without you even needing to ask.

Control4 Systems - Intecho

Smart Home Automation

Perhaps the greatest advantage of Control4 though, is the fact that is gives your complete smart automation of your home. As unlike some systems, your Control4 systems works with a huge number of devices, allowing total integration around your home.

For instance, when you press “good night” in your Control4 app, this can do more than just turn off all the lights in your home. It can also be programmed to lock your doors and arm your security system, ensuring your home is secure while you sleep. Plus, if you’ve got into bed and you’re feeling too warm or cold, the same app can be used to alter your thermostat too.


Would you like to know about how Control4 could improve your home? Well, regardless of whether you’re new to smart home technology or you already have some products in your home, get in touch today and one of our experts will help you bring your home into the future!


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